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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Characteristics Symptoms

Patient Worse by

Patient Better by

Abies Canadensis Catarrhal condition of the stomach

Labored respiration and heart action

Wants to lie down all the time

Skin cold and clammy

Very faint

Right lung and liver feel small and hard

Feels light headed, tipsy


Great appetite; tendency to eat far beyond the capacity to digest

Craving for meat, pickles, radishes, turnips, artichokes, coarse foods


Aceticum Acidum Profound anemia

Great debility

Frequent fainting


Weak Heart


Profuse urination & sweating

Haemorrhage from any part

Pale, lean persons with lax, flabby muscles

Irritable, worried about business affairs


Intense burning thirst

Cold drink distresses

Adrenalin Sensation of thoracic constriction with anguish

Vertigo, nausea and vomiting

Aethusa Cynapium Anguish, crying and expression of uneasiness and discontent; restless, anxious

Sees rats, cats, dogs etc

Inability to think, to fix the attention

Brain fag

Idiocy may alternate with furor and irritability

Vertigo with drowsiness, with palpitation; head hot after vertigo ceases

Facial expression anxious, full of pain; linea nasalis marked.

Marked inability to digest milk

Poor circulation

Symptoms set in with violence

Regurgitation of food an hour after eating

Nausea at the sight of food

Want of power to stand up or hold head up

Surface of body cold and covered with clammy sweat

Lymphatic glands swollen

Sleep disturbed by violent startings


3 to 4 am




Open air


Ailanthus Glandulosa Skin livid or purplish

Face dark as mahogany, hot

Teeth covered with sordes

Throat swollen, purple, livid

Semi conscious, delirious

Pulse weak

General torpor and prostration

General stupor with sighing

Mind confused. mental depression

Tongue dry and brown

Aletris Farinosa

Anaemic, relaxes condition in females esp. Chlorotic girls and pregnant women

Tired all the time; power and energy weakened

Confused feelings; can not concentrate mind

Fainting with vertigo



Rectal distress

Much frothy saliva

Disgust for food; least food causes distress

Stools large, hard, difficult and painful

Premature and profuse menses, with labor like pains



Alstonia Constricta Fatigue after exhausting fevers


Feeble digestion

Ammonium Carb In stout women who are always tired and weary

Takes cold easily

Cholera like symptoms before menses

Lead a sedentary life

Too frequent and profuse menses

Very sensitive to cold air

Great aversion of water; can not bear to touch it

Heaviness in all organs

Uncleanliness of bodily habits

Swelling of parts, glands etc

Acid secretions

Prostrations from trifles

Forgetful, ill humored, gloomy during stormy weather

Talking and hearing others talk affects greatly

Sad, weepy. unreasonable

Stools difficult, hard and knotty

Urine white, sandy, bloody, profuse, turbid and fetid

Leucorrhoea burning, acrid and watery

Aversion to other sex in females

Much oppression in breathing; worse after any effort, entering warm room or ascending even a few stairs

Weakness of heart

Sleepiness during the day


From cold

Wet weather

Wet applications


During 3 to 4 am

During menses

Lying on painful and on stomach

In dry weather

Ambra Grisea Thin, nervous, hysterical  patients

External numbness of whole body in the morning and weakness

Thin, scrawny women

Weakened by age or overwork; anaemic and sleepless

Impairment of all functions, weakness, coldness and numbness in the aged

Worse Music; causes weeping

Ebullitions and pulsations after walking in open air

One sided complaints

Dread of people and desire to be alone

Can not do anything in the presence of others

Intensely shy, bashful, blushes easily

 Restless, excited, very loquacious

Loathing of life

Time passes slowly

Dwells on unpleasant things

Thinking difficult in the morning in old people

Senile dizziness

Hearing impaired

Urine turbid, even during emission, forming a brown sediment

Menses too early

Profuse. bluish leucorrhoea

Can not sleep from worry; must get up 


Presence of strangers

From unusual things


Warm room

Slow motion in open air

Lying on painful parts

Cold drinks

Anacardium Impaired memory, depression and irritability

Diminution of senses of smell, sight and hearing

Aversion to work; lacks self confidence; irresistible desire to swear & curse

Sensation of band 

Thinks he is possessed by two persons or wills

Anxiety when walking, as if pursued

Absent mindedness

Brain fag

Malicious, bent on wickedness; absence of all moral constraints


Paralytic weakness

Knees feel paralyzed or bandaged

Spells of sleeplessness lasting several nights

On application of hot water From eating

When lying on side

From rubbing

Antimonium Tartaricum Drowsiness, debility and sweat

Sensation of coldness in blood vessels

Chills, contractures and pain in muscles

Trembling of whole body, great prostration and dizziness

Vertigo, with dullness and confusion

Tongue coated, pasty, thick white, with red edges

Thirst for cold water; little and often

Desire for apples, fruits and acids 

Violent pain in sacro-lumber region

Sensation of heavy weight at coocyx, dragging down all the time

Twitching of muscles; limbs tremulous

In evening

From lying down at night

From warmth

In damp cold weather

From alls our things and milk

From sitting erect

From eructations and expectoration

Antipyrine Contractures

Trembling and cramps

Crawling and numbness

General prostration

Fear of becoming insane; nervous anxiety; hallucinations of sight and hearing

Diminished urine

Menses suppressed

Faintness with sensation of stoppage of heart

Throbbing throughout the body

Apis Mellifica Swelling or puffing of various parts

Red rosy hue

Stinging pains


Intolerance of heat and touch

Constricted sensations

Sensation of stiffness and as of something torn off in the interior of the body

Much prostration

Awkward; drops things readily

Sensation of dying

Listless; can not think clearly

Jealous, fidgety, hard to please

Whining, tearfulness

Can not concentrate mind when attempting to read

Vertigo with sneezing, worse  on lying or closing eyes


Craving for milk

Urine scanty, high colored

Feels as if he could not draw another breath

Knees swollen, shiny, sensitive, sore , with stinging pains

Feet swollen and stiff; feel too large

Rheumatic pains in back and limbs

Tired, bruised feeling in extremities

Numbness of hands and tips of fingers

Screams and sudden startings during sleep

Dreams full of care and toil

Afternoon, late

Heat in any form



After sleeping

In closed and heated rooms

Right side

In open air


Cold bathing

Argenticum Nitricum In co-ordination, loss of control and want of balance

Trembling in affected parts

Great desire for sweets, cheese and salt

Splinter like pains

Sensation as if parts were expanding

withered up and dried constitutions

Pains increase and decrease gradually

Prematurely aged look

Intolerance of heat

Brain fag with general debility and trembling

Impotence; desire wanting

Much pain in the back

Can not walk with eyes closed

Rigidity and weakness in calves

Walks and stands unsteadily esp. when unobserved

Numbness of arms

Dreams of snakes and sexual gratification

Warmth in any form

At night

From cold food


After eating

During menses

From emotions

Left side

From eructations

Fresh air



Arnica After traumatic injuries, overuse of any organ and strains

Traumatism of grief, remorse or sudden realization of financial losses

Limbs and body ache as if beaten; joints as if sprained

Bed feels too hard

Relaxed blood vessels, black and blue spots

Tendency to tissue degeneration, septic conditions, abscesses that do not mature

Sore, lame, bruised feeling

Aversion to tobacco; distaste for milk and meat

Fears touch or approach of anyone

Says there is nothing the matter with him

Wants to be left alone

Fear of space

Urine with dark brick red sediment

Longing for vinegar

Least touch




Damp cold

Lying down

With head low

Arsenicum Album All pervading debility, exhaustion and restlessness; worse at night

Great exhaustion after the slightest exertion

Unquenchable thirst; drinks much, but little at a time

Craves acids, milk and coffee

Fear, fright and worry; Fears, of death, of being left alone

Anaemia and Chlorosis

Gradual loss of weight from impaired nutrition

Septic infection and lowered vitality

Great anguish and restlessness; changes place continually

Thinks it is useless to take medicine

Miserly, malicious, selfish, lacks courage

Sensitive to disorder and confusion

Urine albuminous and containing sugar

Menses too profuse and too soon

Weakness in small of back

Trembling, twitching, spasms, weakness, heaviness, uneasiness in extremities

Wet weather

After midnight

From cold.

Cold drinks


Right side


From head elevated

Warm drinks

Arsenicum Iodatum Profound prostration

Rapid, irritable pulse

Recurring fever and sweats


Tendency to diarrhea

Vertigo, with tremulous feeling, esp. in aged

Asafoetida Irritable; complains of her troubles; sensitive

Hysterical and hypochondriacal patients

At night

From touch

Left side

During rest

Warm application

Open air

From motion


Aurum Metallicum Hopeless, despondent and great desire to commit suicide

Urine turbid, like buttermilk, with thick sediment

Sensation as if the heart stopped beating for two or three seconds, immediately followed by a tumultous rebound, with sinking at epigastrium

Soreness of affected bones, better in open air, worse at night

Dropsy of lower limbs

Paralytic, tearing pains in joints

Knees weak

Sobs aloud in sleep

In cold weather when getting cold

From sunset to sunrise

Aurum Muriaticum Weariness, aversion to all work

Burning, yellow, acrid leucorrhoea

Avena Sativa Nervous exhaustion

Sexual debility.

Debility after exhausting diseases

Nerve tremors of the aged

Inability to keep mind on any one subjects

Numbness of limbs, as if paralyzed

Strength of hands diminished

Balsamum Peruvianum Debility; hectic fever

Urine scanty; much mucus sediment

Baptisia Extreme prostration

Great muscular soreness

Offensive secretions

Wild, wandering feeling

Inability to think

Confusion of mind

Illusion of divided personality; thinks he is broken or double, and tosses about in bed trying it get pieces together

Falls asleep while spoken to

No appetite

Constant desire for water

Stools offensive, thin, dark, bloody

Menses too early, too profuse

Neck tired

Stiffness and pain in arms and legs

Sore and bruised feeling


Humid heat



Baryta Carb Indicated in infancy and old age

Sensitive to cold

Offensive foot sweat

Very weak & weary; must sit down or lean on something

Very averse to meeting strangers



Childish; grieves over trifles

Diminished desire and premature impotency

Scanty menses

Bruised pain between scapulae

Stiffness in sacrum

Weakness of spine

Numbness of limbs

Numb feeling from knees to scrotum; disappears when sitting down

Toes and soles sore; soles painful when walking

Pain in joints; burning pain in lower limbs


When thinking of symptoms

From washing

Lying on painful side

Warm food

Walking in open air
Bellis Perennis Much muscular soreness

lameness, as if sprained

Intolerance to cold bathing

Sore, bruised feeling in pelvic region

Abdominal muscles lame

Uterus feels sore, as if squeezed

Varicose veins with bruised sore feeling

Joints sore

Wakes at about 3 am and can not sleep again

Left side

Hot bath 

Warmth of bed

Before storms

Cold bathing

Cold wind

Bryonia Aching in every muscle

Stitching, tearing pains; Worse motion, better rest

Mucus membranes dry


Vertigo from raising the head

Excessive thirst; thirst for large draughts

Bitter taste

Stools large, dry and hard

Physical weakness, all pervading apathy

Complaints develop slowly

Urine red, brown, like beer; scanty, hot

Painful stiffness in nape of neck

Stitches and stiffness in small of back

Knees painful and stiff

Hot swelling of feet

Joints red, swollen, hot with stitching and tearing; worse on least motion; every spot is painful on pressure

Hair very greasy

Right side


Warm weather after cold days

Open air

Warm drinks


Any motion



Hot weather



Lying on painful side



Cold things

Calcarea Carbonica Increased perspiration

Gets out of breath easily

A jaded state, mental or physical, due to overwork

Easy relapses

Takes cold easily

Fat, fair, flabby patients

Apprehensive; towards evening; fears loss of reason, misfortune, contagious diseases

Vertigo on ascending or turning the head

Easy fatigue of eyes

Persistent sour taste in mouth

Aversion to meat, boiled things, fat

Cravings for indigestible things like chalk, coal, pencils etc; eggs, salt and sweet

Thirst for cold drinks

Can not bear tight clothing around the waist

Increase of fat around abdomen

Increased sexual desire in males with frequent emissions

Menses too early, too profuse and too long

Pain in back, as if sprained; can scarcely rise

Pain between shoulder blades, impeding breathing

Weakness in small of back

Nape of neck stiff and rigid

Weakness of extremities

Cold knees

Same disagreeable idea always arouses from light slumber

Dreams of dead


From exertion, mental or physical


Cold in every form



Moist air

Wet weather

During full moon


Dry climate and weather

Lying on the painful side

Calcarea Hypophosporosa Loss of appetite

Rapid debility

Night sweats

Cold extremities

Veins stand out like whipcords

Calcarea Phosphorica Anaemic

Numbness and crawling sensation

Tendency of perspiration

Always wants to go somewhere

Cravings for bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats

Involuntary sighing

Soreness in sacro-iliac symphysis, as if broken

Buttocks, back and limbs asleep

Weary when going upstairs

Change of weather

Exposure to damp, cold weather

Melting snow

In summer

Warm, dry atmosphere

Camphora Icy coldness of the whole body; sudden sinking of strength; pulse weak and small

Subsultus and extreme restlessness

Does not want to be covered in spite of the icy coldness of the body

Very sensitive to cold and touch

Increased desire in males

Breath cold




Cold air

Cannabis Sativa Sensations as of dropping water

Great fatigue, as from over exertion; weary after meals

Confusion of thought and speech

Misty sight

Feet feel heavy on going upstairs

Lying down

Going upstairs

Cantharis Over sensitiveness of all parts


Raw, burning pains

Intolerable, constant urging to urinate

Fiery, sparkling, staring look

Tendency to faint

Unquenchable thirst

Increased sexual desire

From touch or approach


Drinking water or coffee


Carbolicum Acidum Stupor, paralysis of sensation and motion

Feeble pulse

Depressed breathing

Increased sense of smell

Mental and Bodily languor

Disinclination to study

Terrible pains; come and go suddenly

Desire for stimulants and tobacco

Urine almost black

Carbo Vegetabilis Sluggish, fat and lazy patient

Blueness, coldness and ecchymosis

Pulse imperceptible

Oppressed and quickened breathing; must have air; must be fanned hard; must have all the windows open

Faints easily, worn out; very weak to hold out

Persons who have never fully recovered from the effects of some previous illness 

Aversion to darkness; fear of ghosts

Distress comes on half an hour after eating

Digestion slow; food putrefies before it is digested

Aversion to milk, meat and fat things

Simple food distresses

Can not bear tight cloth around abdomen and waist

Extremities heavy, stiff, feels paralyzed; limbs go asleep; want of muscular energy; joints weak


Night and open air


From fat food, butter, coffee, milk

Warm damp weather


From eructations

From fanning


Caulophyllum Women's remedy

Want of tonicity of womb

Uterine debility causing habitual abortion

Severe drawing, erratic pains and stiffness in small joints

Causticum Progressive loss of muscular strength until we have gradually appearing paralysis

Contractions of tendons

Broken down seniles

Restless at night, with tearing pains in joints and bones and faint like sinking of strength

Emaciation of long standing

Burning, rawness and soreness

Intensely sympathetic

Vision impaired, as if a film were before the eyes

Aversion to sweets

Worse after eating fresh meat; smoked meat agrees

Menses cease at night; flow only during the day

Stiffness between the shoulders

Dull pain in the nape of neck

Heaviness and weakness of extremities

Unsteadiness of muscles of forearm and hand

Weak ankles; can not walk without suffering

Unsteady walking and easily falling

Dry, cold winds

In clear fine weather

Cold air

From motion of carriage

In damp, wet weather


Heat of bed

Chininum Arsenicosum General weariness and prostration

Icy skin

Vertigo; worse looking up

No appetite

Must have open air

Short breath on ascending

Weak limbs

Coldness of hands and feet, knees and limbs

Chininum Sulphuricum Spinal sensitiveness; great sensitiveness of dorsal vertebrae; pain on pressure

Immediate and rapid decrease in red blood cells and reduction in haemoglobin with increase in elimination of chlorides

Falling in street

Inability to remain standing

Violent, ringing, buzzing, roaring in ears with deafness

Cinchona Officinalis Debility from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids together with a nervous erethism

Sensitive to draughts

Ideas crowd in mind; prevent sleep

Ringing in ears

Food tastes too salty

Sexual desire too strong

Great debility in extremities with trembling and numbness

Averse to exercise and touch

Weariness of joints; worse mornings and when sitting


Slightest touch

Draught of air

Every other day

Loss of vital fluids

At night

After eating

Bending over


Bending double

Hard pressure

Open air


Coca Complaints incidental to mountain climbing

Exhausted nervous system from physical and mental strain

Desire for Alcohol and tobacco


High altitudes



Quick motion in open air

Cocculus Suitable for unmarried and childless women, sensitive and romantic girls

Sensation of hollowness, or emptiness, as if parts had gone to sleep

Feels too weak to talk loud

Aversion to tobacco

Desire for cold drinks, esp. beer

Smell of food disgusts

Weak during menses, scarcely able to stand

Paralytic pain in small of back

Pain in shoulders and arms as if bruised

Lower limbs very weak

Riding in a carriage 

On shipboard


After loss of sleep

Open air







During menses

After emotional disturbances

Colchicum Muscular tissues, periosteum and synovial membranes of joints are red, hot and swollen

Tearing pains; worse in the evening, at night and from touch

Great prostration

Internal coldness 

tendency to collapse

Shocks as from electricity through one half of the body

Dreams of mice

Smell of food, esp. fish causes nausea even to fainting

Thirst for effervescent, alcoholic beverages

Limbs lame, weak, tingling

Sundown to Sunrise


Loss of sleep

Smell of food in evening

Mental exertion

Conium Difficult gait


Sudden loss of strength while walking

Painful stiffness of legs

General feeling as if bruised by blows

Great debility in the morning in bed

Weakness of body and mind

Timid, averse to society and afraid of being alone

Tremulous weakness after every stool

Urine flows and stops again

Extremities heavy, weary, paralyzed

Muscular weakness, esp. in lower extremities

Sweats as soon as one sleeps

Lying down

Turning or rising in bed


Before and during menses

From taking cold

Bodily or mental exertion

While fasting

In the dark

From letting the limbs hang down



Crataegus Giddiness

Lowered pulse

Hunger for air

Low blood pressure

Cold extremities


Extreme weakness with chronic heart disease

In warm room Fresh air



Crotalus Horridus Sleeps into his symptoms

Loquacious, with desire to escape

Vertigo, with weakness and trembling

Intolerance of tight clothing around stomach

Craves stimulants, sugar

Averse to meat

Lower extremities go to sleep easily

Dreams of dead

Right side

Open air

Evening and morning

In spring

Coming on of warm weather


On awaking

Damp and wet


Cuprum Metallicum Spasmodic affections


Complaints begin in left side

Craves cool drink

Great weariness of limbs

Before menses

From vomiting


During perspiration

Drinking cold water

Curare Muscular paralysis without impairment of sensation and consciousness

Reflex action diminished

Debility of the aged

Nervous debility

Tired up and down the spine

Arms weak and heavy

Can not lift fingers

Legs tremble and give way in walking


Cold weather

Cold wind

2 am

right side

Digitalis Pulse weak, irregular, intermittent, abnormally slow

Great weakness and sinking of strength


Coldness of skin

Great weakness in stomach

White, chalk like, pasty stools

Great weakness in chest

Can not bear to talk

Muscular weakness

Starts form sleep in alarm that he is falling from a height

When sitting erect

After meals


When stomach is empty

In open air

Diphtherinum Prone to catarrhal affections of respiratory organs

Tongue swollen, red

Breath and discharges very offensive

Dulcamara Patients living or working in damp, cold basements

Burning thirst for cold water

Stiff neck

Pain in small of back, as after long stooping

Feet icy cold


From cold in general

Damp, rainy weather

From moving about


Echinacea Tired feeling

Foul discharges with emaciation and weakness

Aching in limbs and general lassitude

Ferrum cit et chin      
Ferrum Metallicum In young anaemic and Chlorotic persons with pseudo plethora, who flush easily

Cold extremities


Weakness from mere speaking or walking though looking strong

Pallor of skin and face alternating with flushes

Muscles flabby and relaxed

Slight noises unbearable

Excited from slightest opposition

Aversion to sour things

Intolerance of eggs

After any active effort

While sweating

While sitting still

After cold washing and overheating



Walking about slowly
Ferrum Muriaticum Marked tendency to cramps

Bright crystals in urine

Ferrum Phosphoricum Nervous, sensitive, anaemic with false plethora and easy flushing

Marked prostration

Aversion to milk and meat

Desire for stimulants

Menses every three weeks

At night

4 to 6 am




Right side

Cold applications
Ferrum Picricum In dark haired patients, plethoric with sensitive liver

Furred tongue

Deafness before menses

Gelsemium General prostration; complete relaxation and prostration

Dizziness, drowsiness, dullness and trembling

Slow pulse, tired feeling

Mental apathy

Muscular weakness

lack of muscular co-ordination

Sluggish circulation

Languor, muscles feel bruised

Every little exertion causes fatigue

Vision blurred, smoky


Cream colored, tea green stools

Profuse, clear, water urine

Damp weather


Before a thunderstorm



Bad news

Tobacco smoking

When thinking of his ailments

At 10 am

Bending forward

By profuse urination

Open air

Continued motion


Helleborus General muscular weakness

Sinking sensation

Horrible smell from mouth

Stools jelly like, white mucus

Coffee ground sediment in urine

Stretching of limbs

Sudden screams in sleep

4 to 8 pm

From evening until morning

From uncovering

Helonias Sensation of weakness and weight in the sacrum and pelvis with great languor and prostration

Tired, backachy females

Suppressed menses

Profound melancholia

Must do something to engage the mind

For women with Prolapses from atony, enervated by indolence and luxury or those worn out with hard work

Great languor, better exercising

Debility attending menopause

Urine albuminous, phosphatic, profuse, clear , containing saccharine



When doing something- mental diversion
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum Blondes with sluggish character and weak muscles

Great sensitiveness to all impressions

Sweating patients pulls blanket around him


Splinter like pains

Craving for sour, wine and strong tasting things

Aversion to fat food

Feeling as if wind were blowing on some part

Side of the body on which he lies at night becomes gradually insufferably painful; he must turn

Soft, clay colored, sour, white, undigested stools

Greasy pellicle on urine

Discharges smell like old cheese

Can not bear to be uncovered; wants to be wrapped up warmly

From dry, cold winds

Cool air

Slightest draught

From mercury


Lying on painful side

In damp weather

From wrapping up head

From warmth

After eating

Hydrastis Easily tired

old people

Feels his wits sharpened, head cleared

Weak muscular power

Poor digestion

Obstinate constipation

Peppery taste in mouth

Tongue white, swollen, large, flabby, slimy; show imprints of teeth

Can not eat bread or vegetables

Urine smells decomposed

Acrid, corroding, shreddy and tenacious leucorrhoea

Hyoscyamus Tremulous weakness and twitching of tendons

Great restlessness; every muscles twitches

Will not be covered

Cramp in calves and toes

At night

During menses

After eating

When lying down

Ignatia Women of sensitive, easily excited nature, dark, mild disposition, quick to perceive and rapid to execute

Great contradictions

Alert, nervous, apprehensive, rigid, trembling patients

Can not bear tobacco

Pain in small, circumscribed spots

Sour taste in mouth

Averse to ordinary diet; longs for great variety of indigestible things

Craves for acids

Profuse, watery urine

Much sighing

Very light sleep

Dreams continue for a long time; troubling him


Open air

After meals




External warmth

While easting

Change of position

Iodum Great debility; the slightest effort produces perspiration

Rapid metabolism; loss of flesh with great appetite

Hungry with much thirst

Thin, dark complexioned

Craves cold air

Loss of breath on going upstairs

Empty eructations, as if every particle of food were turned into gas

Urine dark yellow-green, thick, acrid with cuticles on surface

Great weakness during menses

Acrid leucorrhoea, thick, slimy, corroding the linen

When quiet

In warm room

Right side


After eating

Walking about

In open air

Ipecacuanha Constant nausea

Stools pitch like, green as grass, like frothy molasses

Body stretched stiff, followed by spasmodic jerking of arms towards each other


From veal

Moist warm wind

Lying down

Iridium Exhaustion after diseases

Puny, weak limbed children who grow too fast

Tension in both thighs, esp. left

Iris Versicolor Shifting pains

Deficient appetite

Profuse flow of ropy saliva

In evening

At night

From rest

From continued motion
Kali Bromatum Weakness of heart

General failure of mental power

Loss of memory


Loss of sexual desire

Fidgety hands; busy twitching of fingers

Jerking and twitching of muscles

Grinding of teeth in sleep

Horrible dreams

  When occupied mentally or physically
Kali Carbonicum Weakness with soft pulse, coldness, general depression and stitches

Sharp and cutting pains; better by motion

Sensitive to every atmosphere change

Intolerance of cold weather

Sweat, backache and weakness

Giving out sensations; back and legs give out

Desire for sweets

Disgust for food

Small of back feels weak

Wakes at 2 am and can not sleep again

After coition

In cold weather

From soup and coffee

In morning about 3 am

Lying on left and painful side

In warm weather, though moist

During day

 Moving about


Kali Iodatum Severe bone pains

Pain in small of back and coccyx

Pain in hips; forcing limping

Formication of lower extremities when sitting; better lying down

Much thirst

Cold food and drink, esp. milk

Warm clothing

Warm room

At night

damp weather


Open air

Kali Phosphoricum Prostration

Weak and tired

Esp. adapted to young

Want of nerve power

Mental and physical depression

Very yellow urine

Short breath on going upstairs

Paralytic weakness in back and extremities



Mental and Physical exertion



early morning




Lac Caninum Erratic pains, alternating sides

Feels as if walking on air, or of not touching the bed when lying on it

Great lassitude

Great weakness and prostration

Sinking spells every morning

Visions of snakes; dreams of snakes

Legs feel numb and stiff, cramps in feet

Morning of one day and evening of the next Cold. 

Cold drinks

Lachesis Profound prostration

Sensation of tension in various parts

Can not bear anything tight anywhere

Craving for alcohol, oysters

Constricted feeling causing palpitation, with anxiety

Neuralgia of coccyx; worse rising form a sitting posture; must sit perfectly still

Sleeps into aggravation; sudden starting while falling asleep

After sleep

Left side

In the spring

Warm bath

Pressure or constriction

Hot drinks

Closing eyes

Appearance of discharges

Warm applications

Lacticum Acidum Copious salivation and water brash

Trembling of whole body while walking

Limbs feel chilly

Large quantity of urine passed frequently

Saccharine in urine

Lilium Tigrinum More often indicated in unmarried women

Fears some organic and incurable disease

Thirsty; drinks often and much

Milky, scanty and hot urine

Pulsations over whole body

Palpitations; irregular pulse; very rapid

Suffocating feeling in a crowded and warm room

Menses cease when resting; flows only when moving about

Can not walk on uneven ground

Pain in back and spine, with trembling


Warm room

Fresh air
Lithium Carbonicum Whole body is sore

Half vision; right half invisible

Turbid urine, with mucus and red deposits

Paralytic stiffness all over

Pain in hollow of foot, extending to knees

Ankles pain when walking

In morning

Right side

Rising and moving about
Lithium Chlor General weakness

Marked muscular and general prostration

Ringing in ears

Blurring of vision

Dizzy head

Lob Purpurascens Profound prostration of all the vital forces and of the nervous system; respiratory paralysis


Heart beats sound to him like boom of a drum

Drowsy; impossible to keep the eyes open

Lycopodium Weakening of functional powers gradually

Intolerance of cold drinks; craves everything warm

Intellectually keen, but of weak muscular power


Debility in the morning

Thin, withered, full of gas and dry

Lacks vital heat; has poor circulation, cold extremities

Pains come and go suddenly

Sensitive to noise and odor

Aversion to bread

Desire for sweets

Can not eat oysters

Heavy red sediment in urine

Palpitation at night

Numbness, drawing and tearing in limbs, esp. while at rest or at night

Heaviness of arms

Right foot hot, left cold

Limbs go to sleep

Twitching and jerking of limbs

Dreams of accidents

Right side

From right to left

From above downwards

4 to 8 pm

From heat

from warm room, hot air or bed

Warm applications

By motion

After midnight

From warm food and drink

On getting cold

From being uncovered

Magnesium Muriaticum Pain in back and hips; in arms and legs

Arms "go to sleep" when waking in morning

Can not digest milk


Immediately after eating

Lying on right side

From sea bathing

From pressure


Open air

Magnesium Phosphoricum Cramping of muscles with radiating pains

Tired, exhausted, languid

Indisposition for mental exertion

Involuntary shaking of hands

Cram in calves

Darting pains

Weakness in arms and hands, fingertips stiff and numb

General muscular weakness

Right side






Bending double




Melilotus Depressed muscular system

Pain in knee; wants to stretch leg, but does not relieve

Joints sore

Skin and extremities cold

Numbness and aching in knee joints

Rainy, changeable weather

Approach of storm

4 pm

Mercurius Corrosivus Pulse rapid and intermittent

Perspiration after urinating




While at rest
Mercurius Cyanatus Great and rapid prostration

Twitching and jerking of muscles

Coldness and nausea

Free salivation

Astringent taste

Black stools

Mercurius Iodatus Ruber Stiffness of muscles of throat and neck

Profuse salivation

Mercurius Weakness with ebullitions and trembling with least exertion

Sensitive to heat and cold

Profuse oily perspiration, which does not relieve

Breath, excretions and body smell foul

Sweetish metallic taste

Great thirst with moist mouth

Intense thirst for cold drinks

Bruised pain in small of back, esp. when sitting

Weakness of limbs

Trembling extremities, esp. hands

At night

From warmth of bed

From damp, cold, rainy weather

During perspiration

Lying on right side

Warm room


Murex Esp. adapted to nervous, lively, affectionate women

Weak and run down

Sinking, all gone sensation in stomach

Desire easily excited in women

Urine smells like Valerian

Least touch  
Muriaticum Acidum So weak that she slides down the bed

Involuntary stools while passing urine

Can not bear sight or thought of meat

Heart intermits every third beat

In damp weather

Before midnight

Lying on left side
Natrum Carbonicum Great debility caused by summer heat

Very weak ankles

Very weak digestion, caused by slightest error in diet

Averse to milk

Stools with yellow substance like pulp of orange

Menses late, scanty, like meat washings

Amorous dreams

Great weakness of limbs, esp. in the morning

Easy dislocation and sprains of ankles

Foot bends under


From music

Summer heat

Mental exertion

Thunder storm

Least draught

Changes of weather


By moving about

By boring in ears and nose

Natrum Muriaticum Great debility; most weakness felt in the morning in bed


Emaciation most notable in neck

Great liability to take cold

Dry mucus membranes

Constrictive sensation throughout the body

Great weakness and weariness

Over sensitive to all sorts of influences

Immoderate thirst

Sweats while eating

Craving for salt

Aversion to bread, to anything slimy, like oysters, fats

Has to wait a long time to pass urine if others are present

Pulse intermits on lying down

Pain in back, with desire for some firm support

Arms and legs, but esp. knees feel weak

Numbness and tingling in fingers and lower extremities

Ankles weak and turn easily

Cracking of joints on motion

Dreams of robbers

Greasy skin



Warm room

Lying down

About 10 am

At seashore

Mental exertion




Open air

Cold bathing

Going without regular meals

Lying on right side

Pressure against back

Tight clothing

Natrum Salicylicum Prostrating after effects of influenza

Lassitude, drowsiness, listlessness, tremor

Nitricum Acidum Sticking pains

Acts best on dark complexioned and past middle life

Pains appear and disappear quickly

All discharges very offensive

Excessive physical irritability

Longing for indigestible things- chalk, earth etc

Loves fat and salt

Excess of oxalic acid, uric acid and phosphates in urine; smells like horse's urine; cold on passing

Short breath on going upstairs

Evening and night

Cold climate

Also hot weather


While riding in a carriage
Nux Vomica Thin, spare, quick, active, nervous and irritable patients

Leads sedentary life

Seeks stimulants like coffee, wine

Zealous fiery temperament

Easily chilled; avoids open air

Loves fat and tolerates it well

Backache in lumber region

Must sit up in order to turn in bed

Sitting is painful

Arms and hands go to sleep

Legs feel numb; feel paralyzed; cramp in calves and soles

Cracking in knee joints during motion

Drags his feet when walking

Can not sleep after 3 am until towards morning; awakes feeling wretched

Dreams full of bustle and hurry


Mental exertion

After eating





Dry weather


From a nap, if allowed to finish it

In evening

At rest

In damp, wet weather

Strong pressure

Opium Insensibility of nervous system

Drowsy stupor




General sluggishness

Heavy, stupid sleep

Stertorous breathing

Sweaty skin

Intense thirst

Twitching of limbs


Jerks as if flexors were overacting

Becoming heated

During and after sleep

Cold things

Constant walking

Ornithogalum Umbellatum Complete prostration

Feeling of sickness keeps the patient awake at night

Vomiting of coffee grounds looking matter

Frequent belching of offensive flatus

Painful sinking across epigastrium

Oxalicum Acidum Pains very violent, in spots; worse motion and thinking of them

Periodical remissions


Can not eat strawberries

Oxalates in urine

Extremities numb, weak, tingling

Backache; numb and weak

Muscular prostration

Easy perspiration

Left side

Slightest touch



Thinking about self

Phosphoricum Acidum Nervous exhaustion

Mental debility first; later physical

Suitable for young people who grow rapidly and are overtaxed mentally or physically

Craves juicy things

Thirst for cold milk

Watery, milky urine; contains sugar

Weak feeling in chest from talking

Weak extremities

Stumbles easily and makes missteps

Lascivious dreams with emissions


From being talked to

Loss of vital fluids

Sexual excesses


From keeping warm
Phosphorus Tall, slender persons, narrow chested, with thin , transparent skin

Weakened by loss of animal fluids

Great nervous debility


Amative tendencies

Great susceptibility to external impressions; to light, sound, odors, touch, electrical changes, thunderstorms

Sudden prostration, faints, sweats

Fatigue of eyes and head even without much use of eyes

Thirst for very cold water

Stools long, narrow, hard, like dog's

Great weakness after stool

Weak spine

Weakness and trembling in extremities from every exertion

Can scarcely hold anything with his hands

Arms and hands become numb

Can lie only on the right side

Joints suddenly give way

Vivid dreams of fire

Short naps and frequent wakings


Physical or mental exertion


Warm food or drink

Change of weather

From getting wet in hot weather


Lying on left or painful side

During a thunderstorm

Ascending stairs

In dark

Lying on right side

Cold food


Open air

Washing with cold water


Physostigma Spinal  irritation, loss of motility, prostration, with very sensitive vertebrae

Rigidity of muscles

Muscular weakness

Fluttering of heart felt in throat

Sudden jerking of limbs on going to sleep

Phytolacca Aching, soreness, restlessness and prostration

Weakness and dull pain in region of kidneys

Back stiff, esp. in morning on rising and during damp weather

Pains fly like electric shocks, shooting, lancinating, shifting rapidly

Electrical changes


When it rains

Damp, cold weather



Right side


Dry weather


Picricum Acidum Prostration. weakness and pain in back

Pins and needles sensation in extremities

Nervous exhaustion

Muscular weakness

Heavy tired feeling all over the body, esp. limbs; worse exertion

Feet cold; can not get warm

Aversion to food

Indican, granular cylinders and fatty degenerated epithelium in urine

Great weakness in extremities

Least exertion, esp. mental

After sleep

Wet weather

Hot weather

From cold air

Cold water

Tight pressure

Plumbum Metallicum Constrictive sensation in internal organs

Progressive muscular atrophy

Excessive and rapid emaciation

Abdomen retracted

Anus drawn up with constriction

Urine albuminous; low specific gravity

Cardiac weakness

Lightening like pains; temporarily better by hard pressure

Can not raise or lift anything with the hand

Pain in muscles of thighs; comes in paroxysms

Cramp in calves

Stinging and tearing in limbs, also twitching and tingling, numbness, pain or tremor

Hands and feet cold

At night



Hard pressure

Physical exertion

Psorinum Extreme sensitiveness to cold; wants head kept warm, wants warm clothing even in summer


Lack of reaction

Secretions have a filthy smell

Profuse sweating; easy perspiration when walking

Very hungry always; must have something to eat in the middle of the night

Weakness of joints, as if they would not hold together

Dread of least cold air or draft


Changes of weather

In hot sunshine

From cold


Warm clothing, even in summer

Rhus Tox Tearing asunder pains

Motion always limbers up

Jaws crack on chewing

Desire for milk

Great thirst with dry mouth and throat

Drowsy after eating

Trembling and palpitation  when sitting still

Pain and stiffness in small of back; better motion, or lying on something hard; worse while sitting

Stiffness in nape of neck

Limbs stiff, paralyzed

Dreams of great exertion

During sleep


Wet rainy weather

After rains

At night

During rest


When lying on back or right side

Temporarily from change of position

Warm, dry weather




warm applications

From stretching limbs

Ruta Graveolens All parts of body are painful, as if bruised

Feeling of intense lassitude, weakness and despair

Spine and limbs feel bruised

Hips and thighs so weak that legs give out on rising from chair

Tendons sore

Thighs pain when stretching the limbs

Great restlessness

Lying down

From cold

Wet weather

Sangunaria Burning sensations, like that of hot water

Aversion to butter

Craving for piquant things

Unquenchable thirst

Burning in soles and palms


Right side






Sarcolactic Acidum Great prostration

Tired feeling with muscular weakness; worse exertion

Tired feeling in back, neck and shoulders

Wrists easily tires from writing

Extreme weakness from climbing stairs

Stiffness of thighs and calves; cramp in calves

Arms feel as if no strength in them

Sore feeling all over, worse in the afternoon

Restless at night; difficulty in getting to sleep

Myocardial weakness

Secale Cornutum Debility, anxiety, emaciation though the appetite and thirst may be excessive

Constringent feeling through out the body



Old people with shriveled skin

Sense of great heat

Facial and abdominal muscles twitch

Craves acids

Unquenchable thirst

Unnatural ravenous appetite

Continuous oozing of watery blood till next menses

Trembling, staggering gait

Violent cramps in extremities

Icy coldness of extremities

Skins feels cold to touch, yet covering is not tolerated

Formication under skin


Warm covering




Stretching limbs

Selenium Great debility, worse heat

Easy exhaustion, mental or physical, in old age

Desire for brandy and other strong drinks

Paralytic pains in small of back in the morning

Sexual neurasthenia

After sleep

In hot weather

From Cinchona

Draught of air


Sepia Weakness, yellow complexion, bearing down sensation

Weakness in small of back

Pains extends down the back, chills easily

Lower extremities lame and stiff, tension as if too short; heaviness and bruised feeling

Restlessness in all limbs, twitching and jerking all night and day

Coldness in legs and feet

Easy fainting

Ball sensation in inner parts

Acts best on brunettes

Feels cold even in a warm room

Every thing tastes too salty

Longing for vinegar, acids and pickles

Loathes fat

Red, adhesive sand in urine




Laundry work


Left side

After sweat

Cold air

Before thunder storm

By exercise


Warmth of bed

Hot applications

Drawing up limbs

Cold bathings

After sleep

Silicea Prostration of body and mind

Weak spine; very susceptible to draughts on back

Cramps in calves and soles

Loss of power in legs

Tremulous hands when using them

Paralytic weakness in forearm

Cold, chilly, hugs the fire, wants plenty of warm clothings

Hate drafts

Hands and feet cold

lack of vital heat

Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants

Want of grit, moral or physical

Sensation of hair on tongue

Disgust for meat and warm food

Night walking; gets up while asleep

In winter

New moon

In morning

From washing

During menses


Lying down


Lying on left side



Wrapping up head


In wet or humid weather

Solidago Virga Feeling of weakness

Clear and offensive urine

Bitter taste at night

Spongia Exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion, with orgasm of blood to chest, face

Anxiety and difficult breathing

Awakes in a fright, and feels as if suffocating



Before midnight


Lying with head low

Stannum Debility; talking causes a very weak feeling in the throat and chest

Paralytic weakness; drops things

Limbs suddenly give out when attempting to sit down

Dizziness and weakness when descending

Pains come and go gradually

Sleeps with one leg drawn up, other stretched out

Using voice

Lying on right side

Warm drinks



Hard pressure

Strophanthus Hispidus Weakened contractile power of all striped muscles

Tissues brittle

Disgust for alcohol

Pulse quickened

Strychninum Spasms of muscles

Stiffness in muscles, face and neck; muscles relax between paroxysms;  worse slightest touch, sound and odor

Explosive nervousness

Pains and sensations come suddenly and return at intervals

Unnatural desire for coitus in females

Back stiff; violent jerks in spinal column

Icy sensation down spine

Violent jerking, twitching and trembling of extremities

Shocks in the muscles





After meals

Lying on back
Sulfonal Profound weakness; gone, faint feeling


Loss of control of sphincter

Muscular in coordination

Staggering gait

Extremities cold, weak, trembling; legs seem too heavy

Anesthesia of legs

Sulphuricum Acidum Tremor and weakness; every thing must be done in a hurry

Craving for alcohol

Averse to smell of coffee

From excess of heat or cold

In forenoon and evening

From warmth

Lying on affected side

Sulphur Inertia and relaxation of fiber; hence feebleness of tone

Ebullition of heat

Dislike of water

Sinking feeling at stomach at 11 am

Cat nap sleep

Aversion to being washed

Relapsing complaints

Offensive discharges and exhalations

Food tastes too salty

Milk disagrees

Great desire for sweets

Great quantities of colorless urine

Stiffness of nape

Sensation as if vertebrae glided over each other

Can not walk erect; stoop shouldered


At rest

Warmth of bed



11 am


From alcoholic stimulants


Dry warm weather

Lying on right side

From drawing affected limbs

Tabacum Complete prostration of the entire muscular system

Icy coldness; legs and hands icy cold; limbs tremble

Wants abdomen uncovered

Gait shuffling, unsteady

Weakness in arms

Opening eyes


Extremes of heat or cold


Open fresh air

Tanacetum Vulgare Abnormal lassitude

Nervous and tired feeling

"Half dead, half alive feeling" all over

Desire for stools immediately after eating

Terebinthina Tired and difficult concentration of thoughts

Own voice sounds unnatural

odor of violets in urine

Thea Faint, gone feeling in stomach

Craves acids

Horrible dreams cause no horror


On walking in open air

After meals


Warm bath

Thuja Tearing in muscles and joints; worse at rest, better in dry weather, worse damp humid atmosphere


Rapid exhaustion and emaciation

Dislike for fresh meat and potatoes

Can not eat onions

Urinary stream split

When walking, limbs feel as if made of wood or glass, and would break easily

Tips of finger swollen, red and feel dead

Muscular twitchings, weakness and trembling

Cracking in joints

Sweat only on uncovered part

At night

From heat of bed

At 3 am and 3 pm

From cold, damp air

After breakfast

Fat, coffee


Left side

While drawing up a limb

Tuberculinum Esp. adapted to light complexioned and narrow chested people

Lax fiber, low recuperative powers and very susceptible to changes in weather

Always tired, Motion causes intense fatigue

Aversion to work

Wants constant changes

Symptoms constantly changes

Tales cold from slightest exposure

Rapid emaciation

General exhaustion, nervous weakness

Fear of animals, dogs esp.

Averse to meat

Desire for cold milk

Menstrual pains increase with the establishment of the flow



Before a storm


From draught

Early morning

After sleep

Open air
Uranium  Nitricum Great emaciation


Sugar in urine

Complete impotency in males with nocturnal emissions

Valeriana Hysteria and over sensitiveness

Sensation as if a thread was hanging down the throat

Constant jerking in extremities

Pain in heels while sitting

Veratrum Album Extreme coldness, blueness and weakness

Cold perspiration on the forehead

Cramps in extremities

Salty saliva

Averse to warm food

Craves fruits, juicy and cold things, ice, salt

Stools large, with much straining until exhausted, with cold sweat

Cramps in calves

Arms feel swollen, cold, paralytic

At night

Wet cold weather



Zincum Arsenicum Profound exhaustion on slight exertion

Depression and marked involvement of lower extremities


Zincum Metallicum Tissue are worn out faster than they are repaired


Defective vitality

Pain, as if between skin and flesh

Great relief from discharges

Profound prostration with Anaemia

Fidgety feet

Averse to work, talk

Fears arrest on account of a supposed crime

Headache from smallest quantity of wine; can not stand smallest quantity of wine

Ravenous hunger at 11 am

Small, hard, constipated stool

Can not bear back touched

Nape of neck weary from exertion

Lameness, weakness, trembling and twitching of various muscles

At menstrual periods

From touch

Between 5 and 7 pm 

After dinner

From wine

While eating


Appearance of eruptions

Zincum Phosphoricum Brain fag

Nervousness and vertigo

Sexual excitement


Zincum Picricum Brain fag

Seminal emissions

Loss of memory and energy