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Thyroid Affections


Characteristics Symptoms

Patient Worse by

Patient Better by

Adrenalin Grave's disease- Thyrotoxicosis

Sensation of thoracic constriction with anguish

Abdominal pains

Ammonium Carbonicum Stout women who are always tired and weary

Leads sedentary life

Takes cold easily

Too frequent and profuse menses

Very sensitive to cold air

Great aversion to water; can not bear to touch it

Heaviness in all organs

Uncleanliness of bodily habits

Swelling of parts, glands etc

Acid secretions

Prostration from trifles

Great dryness of mouth and throat

Pressing teeth together sends shocks through head, eyes and ears

Great appetite, but easily satisfied

Leucorrhoea burning, acrid and watery

Aversion to the other sex in females

Audible palpitation with fear, cold sweat, lachrymation, inability to speak, loud breathing and trembling hands

Sleepiness during the day


From cold, wet weather

Wet applications


During 3 to 4 am

During menses


Lying on painful side

Lying on stomach

In dry weather

Amyl Nitrosum Palpitation of heart

Hiccoughs and yawnings

Constant stretching for hours

Ammonium Muriaticum Fat and sluggish patients

Profuse glairy secretions

Boiling sensation

A state of prostration bordering on a typhoid state

A tendency to irregular circulation, blood seems to be in constant turmoil, pulsations etc

Thirst for lemonade

Menses flow more at night

Head and chest symptoms in the morning

Abdominal symptoms in the afternoon

Open air
Apis Mellifica Swelling or puffing up of various parts


Red, rosy hue

Stinging pains


Intolerance to heat and slightest touch

Constricted sensations

sensation of stiffness and as of something torn off in the interior of the body

Much prostration

Sensation of fishbone in throat


Craving for milk

Can not urinate with stool

Scanty, high colored urine

Dreams full of care and toil


Heat in any form



After sleeping

In closed and heated rooms

Right side

In open air


Cold bathing

Arsenicum Album All pervading debility, exhaustion and restlessness

Great exhaustion after the slight exertion

Burning pains

Unquenchable thirst; drinks much but little at a time

Fear, fright and worry

Green discharges

Gradual loss of weight from impaired nutrition

Craves milk, acids and coffee

Albuminous urine

Pulse more rapid in the morning

Dreams full of care and fear

At night

We weather

After midnight

From cold, cold drinks or food


Right side

From heat

From head elevated

Warm drinks

Arsenicum Iodatum Persistently irritating, corrosive discharges

Great emaciation

Drenching night sweats

Enlarged glands

Aurum Metallicum Great Depression; hopeless, despondent and great desire to commit suicide

Swollen glands

Palpitation and congestion

High blood pressure

Upper half of objects invisible

Urine turbid, like buttermilk, with thick sediment

Sensation as if the heart stopped beating for two or three seconds

Sobs aloud in sleep

Cold weather

When getting cold

From sunset to sunrise

Aurum Sulphuricum Constant nodding of the head



Cracked nipples with lancinating pains


Soreness of muscles and integuments; worse motion and friction of clothes

Sensitiveness to cold

Swollen  glands

Basedow's disease

Slight sounds are greatly accentuated

Much thirst

Indescribable bad feeling about heart with soreness and pain, flying stitches all over

Cold Heat
Baryta Carbonicum Very sensitive to cold; takes cold easily

Always have swollen tonsils

Offensive foot sweat

Very weak and weary; must sit down or lie down or lean on something

Very averse to meeting strangers

Glands around ear painful and swollen

Sub maxillary glands swollen

Swollen glands in the nape of occiput

When thinking of symptoms

From washing

Lying on painful side

Walking in open air
Baryta Iodatum Indurated glands

Tumefaction of cervical glands

Stunted growth


Belladonna Exophthalmic goitre

Thyroid Toxemia

Glands swollen, tender, red; swelling of gland of neck

Furious excitement



Hot, red skin

Glaring eyes

Throbbing carotids

Restless sleep

Dryness of mouth and throat with aversion to water

Neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly

No thirst, anxiety or fear

Violent attacks and sudden onset

Averse to meat and milk

Urine dark, turbid and loaded with phosphates






Lying down

Semi erect
Bromum Enlargement of gland in children

Blond type

Goitre, hard

Tendency to spasmodic attacks

Sense of suffocation

Excoriating discharges

Profuse sweat

Great weakness

Glands  become hard, stony hard,  but seldom suppurate

Cold sensation in chest when inspiring

Sleep full of dreams and anguish

From evening until midnight

When sitting in warm room

Warm damp weather

When at rest

Lying on left side

From any motion


At sea

Cactus Grandiflorus Toxic goiter with cardiac symptoms

Constrictions as of an iron band

Sadness and melancholy

Spasmodic pains


Whole body feels as if caged, each wire being twisted tighter

Pulseless, panting and prostrated

Hard, black stools

Low blood pressure

Frightful dreams

Persistent subnormal temperature

About noon

Lying on left side


Going upstairs

11 am and 11 pm

Open air
Calcarea Carbonica Swelling of glands


Dislike of fat, meat and boiled things

Increased local and general perspiration

Gets out of breath easily

A jaded state. mental or physical, due to overwork

Pituitary and thyroid dysfunction

Easy relapses, interrupted convalescence

Takes cold easily

Fat, fair, flabby

Cravings for indigestible things- chalk, coal, pencils; also for eggs, salt and sweets

Milk disagrees

Loss of appetite when overworked

Longing for cold drinks

Can not bear tight clothings around waist

Frequent emissions in males

Milky leucorrhoea

Longing for fresh air

Ideas crowding her mind prevent her sleep

Dreams of dead

From exertion, mental or physical


Cold in every form



Moist air

Wet weather

During full moon


Dry climate and weather

Lying on painful side


Calcarea Flourica Hard, stony glands threatening suppuration


Vivid dreams with sense of impending danger

During rest

Changes of weather


Warm applications

Calcarea Iodatum Enlarged glands

Thyroid enlargements about time of puberty

Flabby children subject to cold

Profuse and yellow secretions

Easy perspiration

Cannabis Indica Exophthalmic goitre

Intense exaltation

Dual nature state; apparently under the control of second self, but, the original self prevents the performance of acts which are under the domination of the second self

Exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space

Extremely happy and contented. nothing troubles

Grinding of teeth in sleep

Pulse very slow

Dreams of dead bodies; prophetic


From coffee, liquor and tobacco

Lying on right side

Fresh air

Cold water


Causticum Broken down seniles

Tearing, drawing pains in muscular and fibrous  tissues

Burning, soreness and rawness

Greasy taste

Aversion to sweets

Worse after eating fresh meat; smokes meat agrees

Menses cease at night, flow only during the day

Chromium  Sulphate Goitre    
Cistus Canadensis Extremely sensitive to cold; sensation of coldness in various parts

Malignant disease of the glands of the neck

Glands inflamed and Indurated

Desire for cheese

Slightest exposure to cold air

Mental exertion


After eating
Colchicum Great prostration

Internal coldness

Tendency to collapse

Shocks as from electricity through one half of body

Dreams of mice

Craving for various things but is averse to them on smelling them

Thirst for effervescent, alcoholic beverages

Sundown to Sunrise


Loss of sleep

Smell of food in evening

Mental exertion

Crotalus Cascavella Thoughts and dreams of death    
Echinacea Goitre with exophthalmic symptoms

Tired feeling

Urine albuminous and scanty

Lymphatics enlarged

Ferrum Iodatum Exophthalmic goitre

Glandular enlargements

Body emaciated

Urine dark, sweet smelling

Leucorrhoea like boiled starch

Ferrum Metallicum Young weakly persons, anemic and Chlorotic, with pseudo plethora, who flush easily


Weakness from mere speaking or walking though looking strong

Muscles flabby and relaxed

Loathing for sour things

Intolerance of eggs

Any active effort

While sweating

While sitting still

After cold washing and  overheating


Walking about slowly

After rising

Ferrum Phosphoricum Aversion to milk and meat

Desire for stimulants

Menses every three weeks

Anxious dreams

At night

4 to 6 am




Right side

Cold applications
Flouricum Acidum Goitre

Glabella region bloated

Is compelled to move energetically

Averse to coffee, wants fancy dishes

Desire for highly seasoned food

Craves cold water

Scanty, dark urine

Profuse, sour, offensive perspiration



Warm drinks


While walking

Fucus Vesiculosus Non Toxic goitre; also exophthalmic

Thyroid enlargement in obese subjects

Obstinate constipation

Glonoine Great lassitude, no inclination to work

Extreme irritability, easily excited by slightest opposition

Surging of blood to head and heart

Any exertion brings on rush of blood to heart and fainting spell

Sensation of pulsations throughout the body

Pulsating pains

Can not go uphill

In sun

Exposure to sun rays, gas, open fire



Having hair cut



Lying down

From 6 am to noon

Left side

Hepar Calcareum Sulphuricum Glandular swellings

Unhealthy skin

Blondes with sluggish character and weak muscles

Great sensitiveness to all impressions

Sweating patient pulls blanket around him

Tendency to suppuration

Splinter like pains

Craving for sour, wine and strong things

Aversion to fat food

Feeling as if wind was blowing on some part

The side of the body in which he lies at night becomes gradually insufferably painful; he must turn

Greasy pellicle on urine

Discharges smell like old cheese

Can not bear to be uncovered; wants to be wrapped up warmly

From cold dry winds

Cool air

Slightest draught

From mercury

Lying on painful side

Damp weather

From wrapping up head

From warmth

After eating

Hydrastis Goitre of puberty and pregnancy

Old, easily tired, cachetic individuals, with great debility

Weak muscular power, poor digestion and obstinate constipation

Thick, yellowish, ropy secretions from mucus membranes

Can not eat bread or vegetables

Urine smells decomposed

Hydrocyanic Acidum Sinking sensation at the epigastrium


Drink rumbles through throat and stomach

Violent palpitation

Vivid, incoherent dreams

Iodum Goitre, with sensation of constriction

Atrophy of glands

Thyroid enlarged

Great debility, the slightest effort induces perspiration

Loss of flesh with great appetite

Thin, dark complexioned individuals


Craves cold air; wants cool surroundings

Weakness and loss of breath on going upstairs

Anxious and worried if he does not eat

Dark yellow green urine

Palpitation from least exertion

When quiet

In warm room

Right side

After eating

Walking about

In open air

Iodothyrine Reduction in weight

Sugar in urine

Iris Versicolor Goitre

Profuse flow of saliva, ropy

Deficient appetite

In evening

At night

From rest

From continued motion
Kali Carbonicum Hypothyroidism

Sweat, backache and weakness

Soft pulse


General depression

Stitches in the parts of body

Sharp and cutting pains; better by motion

Sensitive to every atmospheric change

Intolerance of cold weather

Throbbing pains

"Giving out" sensations

Stinging pains in muscles and internal parts

Twitching of muscles

Desire for sweets

Large difficult stools

Sensation as if heart were suspended

Palpitation and burning in heart region

Early morning ; about 3 am

After coition

In cold weather

From soup and coffee

Lying on left and painful side

In warm weather, though moist

During day

While moving about

Kali Iodatum Glandular swellings

Glands enlarged, indurated

Diffused sensitiveness

Much thirst


Cold food and drink, esp. milk 

Warm room

Warm clothing

At night

Damp weather


Open air

Lapis Album Goitre

Ravenous appetite

Enlargement and Induration of glands; gland have a certain elasticity and pliability about them than the stony hardness

Lycopodium Red sand in urine

Intolerance of cold drinks; craves everything warm

Best adapted to persons intellectually keen, but of weak muscular power


Debility in morning

Thin, withered and full of gas patients

Lacks vital heat; poor circulation, cold extremities

Sensitive to noise and odors

Pains come and go suddenly

Aversion to bread

Desire for sweet things

Can not eat oysters

Dreams of accidents

Right side

From right to left

From above downwards

4 to 8 pm

From heat or warm room, hot air, bed

Warm applications


After midnight

From warm food and drinks

On getting cold

From being uncovered

Magnesium Phosphoricum Goitre

Cramping of muscles with radiating pains

Neuralgic pains relieved by warmth

Tired, languid, exhausted

Indisposition to mental exertion

Thirst for very cold drinks

Menses too early, dark, stringy

Right side





bending double



Mercurius Iodatus Flavus Greatly swollen glands

Tongue coated thickly; yellow at the base

Constant inclination to swallow

Right side  
Natrum Muriaticum Hyperthyroidism


Great debility; most weakness felt in the morning in bed


Emaciation most notable in neck

Great liability to take cold

Dry mucus membranes

Constrictive sensation through out the body

Great weakness and weariness

Oversensitive to all sorts of influences

Unquenchable thirst

Craving for salt

Aversion to bread, to anything slimy, like oysters, fat

Dreams of robbers

Greasy skin



Warm room

Lying down

About 10 am

At seashore

Mental exertion




Open air

Cold bathing

Going without regular meals

Lying on right side

Pressure against back

Tight clothings

Phosphorus Tall, slender, narrow chested persons with thin transparent skin

Great nervous debility


Amative tendencies

Great susceptibility to external impressions; light, sound, odors, touch, electrical changes, thunderstorms

Suddenness of symptoms; sudden prostration, faints, sweats, shooting pains

Green halo around candlelight

Letters appear red

Hearing difficult, esp to human voice

Thirst of very cold water

Stools long, narrow, hard like dog's

Menses too early, scanty but lasts too long

Vivid dreams of fire and hemorrhages


Physical or mental exertion


Warm food or drink

Change of weather

From getting wet in hot weather


Lying on left or painful side

During a thunderstorm

Ascending stairs

In dark

Lying on right side

Cold food


Open air

Washing with cold water


Phytolacca Glandular swellings with heat and inflammation

Aching, soreness, restlessness and prostration

Decrease of weight

Much stringy saliva

Can not swallow anything hot

Pains fly like electric shocks, shooting, lancinating, shifting rapidly

Electrical changes


damp cold weather



Right side


Dry weather


Pilocarpus Microphyllus Exophthalmic goitre, with increased action of heart and pulsation of arteries; tremors and nervousness; bronchial irritation

Profuse salivation and perspiration

Pulsatilla Pre-eminently a female remedy, esp for mild, gentle, yielding disposition

Sad, crying readily; weeps when talking; changeable, contradictory

Seeks open air; always feels better there, even though she is chilly

Thick, bland, yellowish-green discharges



Great sensitiveness

Wants the head high

Feels uncomfortable with only one pillow

Lies with hands above head

Desire for tonics

Averse to fat food, warm food and drink

two or three normal stools daily; no two stools alike

From heat

Rich fat food

After eating

Towards evening

Warm room

Lying on left or painless side

When allowing the feet to hand down

Open air


Cold applications

Cold food and drinks, though not thirsty

Silicea Cold, chilly, hugs the fire, wants plenty warm clothings, hates drafts, hand and feet cold

Lack of vital heat

Prostration of body and mind

Great sensitiveness to cold

Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants

Want of grit, moral or physical

Disgust for meat and warm food

Anxious dreams


New Moon

In morning

From washing

During menses


Lying down


Lying on left side



Wrapping up the head


In wet or humid weather

Spartium Scoparium Low blood pressure

Profuse flow of urine

Spongia Children with fair complexion, lax fiber and swollen glands

Goitre with suffocating spells

Swelling and Induration of glands

Exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion, with orgasm of blood to chest , face

Anxiety and difficult breathing

Can not bear tight clothings around trunk

After sleep



Before midnight


Lying with head low

Stramonium Suppressed secretions and excretions

Sensation as if limbs were separated from the body

Gyratory and graceful motions

Small objects look large

Aversion to water

In dark room

When alone

Looking at bright or shining objects

After sleep

On swallowing

From light



Sulphur Ebullitions of heat

Dislike of water; aversion to being washed

Dry and hard skin and hair

Sinking feeling at stomach about 11 am

Cat-nap sleep

Relapsing complaints

Offensive discharges and exhalations

Milk disagrees

Great desire for sweets

Great quantity of colorless urine

Can not sleep between 2 am and 5 am



Warmth of bed



In morning

11 am


From alcoholic stimulants


Dry, warm weather

Lying on right side

From drawing up affected limbs

Thyroidinum Goitre

Excessive obesity

Easy fatigue

Weak pulse

Tendency to fainting

Palpitation from least exertion

Cold hands and feet

Low blood pressure

Chilliness and sensitive to cold

Desire for sweets and cold water

Urine smells of violets